Patient Resource Guide

A patient’s first visit to a cancer center can be intimidating.   BSNCF understands the need to offer solutions to help patients navigate.

Recognizing the need to give patients as much useful information as possible on that first visit is important.  BSNCF enabled the establishment of a new comprehensive “patient handbook’ which listed the many services and programs offered through GBMC’s cancer program. The handbook was presented to every new patient as they meet with their oncologist for the first visit or begin infusion therapy.

Patients were encouraged to use the handbook to organize all of the health care information that is received or needed during their treatment.  This includes patient education materials, treatments, medications, appointment calendars, pain management, test results logs, and support resource listings.

Inspired by the success of this initiative, BSNCF will include a journal in our Smile Package that will allow patients to keep their notes stored in one place.

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