Michelle Helton

I am barely getting around to telling my story, but I am.

I’m Michelle Helton, and I am a recipient of a Smile kit.  I am now a one year thyroid cancer survivor and thankfully with God’s help, I beat it.  My cancer was found unintentionally when I was at an local urgent care with a sinus infection. The doctor happened to feel my neck and felt nodules. I was not worried at first and put off the doctors recommendation of having a neck ultrasound. This was because my blood work came back as normal. Finally, a couple months later after my yearly physical, I had the ultrasound performed. The results showed several nodules on both sides of my thyroid, a part of the human body I really knew nothing about. I was then referred to an ENT to have a fine needle biopsy. The results came back as suspicious.

I went on to have my right lobe removed in January 2018. The second biopsy showed stage 1 papillary cancer. Naturally, I panicked and experienced many emotions. I was so scared that I literally got sick prior to heading into the operating room. I was so anxious and was not looking forward to another surgery. I learned how courageous I truly am after so many hospital visits.

Fast forward to April 2018, I have completed a radioactive iodine treatment. I was declared cancer free soon after a body scan!  

This journey has changed me in a positive way.  My view on life is very different as I no longer take the little things for granted. I value each day as a gift that I have been given. I am inspired to help others through my story and bring them strength. Thanks for the nice Smile Kit and the chance to tell my story! – Michelle, South Carolina

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