George Altevogt

Starting in 2019 while coaching my son’s 5 year-old soccer team, I decided it was time to live a more healthy lifestyle.  Years of traveling for work and living a sedentary lifestyle had caught up with me and it was time to make a change.It all started with a single 20-minute run which felt like a lifetime.  It then progressed to daily exercise and a much healthier lifestyle, which further progressed into running races up to a half-marathon. 

I was approached by long time friend John Searing to join Team BSNCF and the message could not be clearer to me.  The foundation and their mission were very close to my heart as my grandmother passed due to cancer and have had several friends who have survived cancer.

After joining the team I swore that I would never do a triathlon……but that didn’t last long.  I compete 5-6 times per year in sprint triathlons and Olympic duathlon (and still dislike swimming). 

It is an honor for me to wear the Barnett-Searing National Cancer Foundation logo at my races and bring awareness to their cause and hopefully make a difference to someone fighting cancer.

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