John's Pledge

Team BSNCF was inspired by BSNCF Co-Founder, John Searing.  Growing up as an athlete, John played football at Rutgers and JMU.  After Jenny’s death, John frequently turned to running and fitness to free his mind and relieve stress.  John ran his first marathon in 2005 and used races as an initial vehicle to raise funds for the Foundation.  He found that running and raising funds in Jenny’s honor to help others was often the extra push he needed to cross the finish line of his race.

In 2016, John qualified and represented BSNCF at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. It gave him the opportunity to visit Australia, a place that was special to his sister Jenny, creating memories and inspiring new BSNCF initiatives. Leading the way with inspiration John's pledge is to run each mile to honor the fight of the cancer warriors we support at BSNCF.    What is your pledge?

Be Part of Our Team

Team BSNCF is a community of athletic minded supporters, friends and family of all ages. Together, we heighten awareness, fundraise and represent the Foundation while engaging in the physical activity of our own choosing. Funds raised through Team BSNCF enable our mission and create a platform for team members to make a pledge to do something epic in a person's honor through fitness. Your goal could be running a 5k for the first time in a tutu. It could be learning to dive in an adventurous place. Maybe your goal is to lose weight and to make this your healthiest year yet. Whatever it is, we are here to help.

Team BSNCF gives loved ones an opportunity to set a goal and exercise for those who can't. We are sisters, brothers, moms, dads, friends joining in the fight against cancer one step at a time.   Join our team and let's connect!

Thrive With Team BSNCF

Anyone representing Team BSNCF may join our closed Facebook group moderated by captains, Theresa Nie and Tricia Katebini.  Team members will have the opportunity to socialize with the BSNCF community, receive tips and tricks and share stories, goals, and progress. Together, we thrive, celebrate, and remember. Whether your starting point is walking a mile today or completing an Ironman, it doesn't matter. Your passion for the cause and commitment to fitness inspires.

Team Requirements

Team requirements are simple. We welcome all levels of fitness. We ask that you be open to sharing your story, race for others, and wear our gear when you can. Help us be the light by spreading inspiration and tag BSNCF in your social media in your training and race day photos! #teambsncf. As part of the inaugural team, we are asking for a $100 donation or $100 in fundraising which secures your Team BSNCF Package. To join the team, step one is to fill out the application.


As part of Team BSNCF, you have the option of driving our mission by creating an individual fundraising campaign.  It's easy to get started just click on the link below to start your fundraiser or donate. If you need assistance, email  BSNCF provides instructions, tools, and support.

Through your individual campaign you will tell the story of how cancer has impacted you. Exercise is more fun when you have a buddy to join you so you might inspire some friends to join your quest. We look forward to seeing you set goals and crush them with the support of your BSNCF team members!

Team Swag

Donate or raise $100 through fundraising and we will send you a BSNCF Team package. This will include a t-shirt or ladies tank, a visor, a package of 10 race bibs. On the race bib, you can write the name of a loved one that you are racing in honor or memory of. BSNCF will also provide the first names of Smiles Kit recipients that you can include on your bib.