Angie Viar

Vanity saved me!

In May of 2014 at age 40 I made the decision to visit my dermatologist to discuss Botox. Not being a fan of needles, I wanted to first meet with him to discuss how the process of getting Botox works and pricing.  After doing just that, he then suggested that I get a routine skin check.  It was during this check that he found a questionable mole that resulted in a Stage 0 Melanoma diagnosis on my back.

I was in complete shock and then had to come to terms with changing my life to fit a more healthy approach to being in the sun.  Now, I am very strict with myself when applying sunscreen.  It’s definitely not always convenient to be the one that needs to be sitting in the shade when everyone else is enjoying the sun, but my health is my biggest concern and a sacrifice that is well worth it. 

I am happy to say that as of six months ago,  I am five years cancer free! I never did get that Botox, maybe someday!

– Angie Viar, Virginia

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